Steven W. Teppler

Steven W. Teppler is Chairman and CEO of TimeCertain, LLC. Mr. Teppler is the inventor of TimeCertain technology, and holds six patents in the field of digital data content authentication. Mr. Teppler, who has practiced law since 1980, is Senior Counsel to KamberEdelson, LLC, New York City high-tech litigation boutique, and directs the firm’s electronic litigation efforts. He also advises private and public sector clients about risk, liability, and compliance issues unique to electronic data generation, alteration, transmission and archiving. Mr. Teppler is Vice Chair of the eDiscovery and Digital Evidence Committee of the American Bar Association, co-Vice Chair of the Information Security Committee of the ABA, a founding member of the Information Assurance Consortium, a member of the Sedona Conference, and a co-author of the ANSI X9F4 trusted timestamp guideline standards for the financial industry.

Mr. Teppler’s recent publications include: “Foundations of Digital Evidence,” co-author, (American Bar Association, July 2008). The HIPAA Technology Challenge: Protecting the Integrity of Health Care Information, California Health Law News – Volume XXVI, Issue 1, Winter 2007/2008; Spoliation in the Digital Universe, The SciTech Lawyer, Science and Technology Law Section of the American Bar Association, Fall 2007; Life After Sarbanes-Oxley – The Merger of Information Security and Accountability (co-author), 45 Jurimetrics J. 379 (2005); Digital Signatures Are Not Enough (co-author), ISSA, January 2006; The Digital Signature Paradox (co-author), IETF Information Workshop (The West Point Workshop) June 2005.