Time is a critical trust anchor for information governance (a.k.a. information life cycle management). Accurate and reliable time is also a (if not the) critical prerequisite to auditability, and is an issue that will always be raised in legal and evidentiary proceedings. Current computing environments largely ignore time, and devote little or no attention or resources to its sourcing and association with enterprise computer generated information. This in turn has led to substantial financial and reputational damage. Trusted time stamping technology, deployed with good policy development and enforcement, addresses both digital data authentication and reliability issues, and can imbue enterprise data generating processes and output with the transparency and trustworthiness needed in today’s regulatory and legal environment.

TimeCertain’s Chronologics technology provisions the generation of trusted content integrity with time values obtained from a trusted time source (such as N.I.S.T.) and the application of digital signature technology and cryptographically strong hashing functions utilizing patented (and patents pending) technology.

TimeCertain technology can be customized for any enterprise need, and can be architected into any data generating, recording or transmitting device.